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Protection/Humanitarian Visas

For those who are seeking protection in Australia, Our Best Protection Visa and Humanitarian Visa Consultants and Australian Migration and Visa Lawyers are passionate about assisting refugees and those seeking protection in Australia in protection visa 866 and other humanitarian visa applications and provide advice on other pathways to remain in Australia such as partner, skilled or other work visas. 


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The Australian Immigration has also made provisions for humanitarian visas to Australia and those seeking for protection. 

It is noted that the requirements are strict, in that an applicant must show that there is a real and genuine need to seek protection in Australia and this must be proven with evidentiary materials, failing which your application can be refused. 


If you believe you are eligible to sponsor a family member or person on a humanitarian visa or if you believe you are eligible to engage Australia’s protection, please contact us. 

It is noted that the information on this website is not to be treated as legal or migration advice. It is basic information only. Our firm assess each case on a case by case bsasis. Please do not hesitate to contact us for specific advice for your case. Thank you.

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